Buckingham Palace Rocks the Globe With Meghan Markle Announcement


Meghan Markle has only been a royal for a few weeks, but she just received one of the highest honors from the royal family.

Markle will be participating in the¬†Trooping the Colour festivities this weekend; afterwards, she will be joining the Queen for an out-of-town day trip. It is almost unheard of for younger royals to take a one-on-one day trip with the Queen–especially a royal who is so new to the family.

Markle and the Queen will be revealing a new bridge in Chester and then attending a lunch together. They will travel to Chester together on the Royal Train overnight. Just the two of them. The trip will happen next week, Wednesday through Thursday.

The train was built in 1977 and has nine carriages. It has only been used 14 times during the last year. It is an honor for any royal family member to accompany the Queen on such a voyage. Even Kate Middleton has never been on the train, as it is only available to the Queen and Prince Philip.

Neither Prince Charles nor Prince Harry have been on the train, either; Meghan will get to do so before either of Princess Diana’s sons.

The trip is “unprecedented” for Markle, who will get to spend long periods of uninterrupted alone time with the Queen.

The Queen has her own bedroom on the train, which is “decorated in light pastel shades” and has an attached bathroom. The train uses “secondary air suspension” to ensure there are no bumps during the ride. The Queen takes a bath every morning at 7:30 am, and that includes while she is on the train.