Hours After North Korea Summit, Everything Blows Up in Trump’s Face


BREAKING NEWS: President Donald Trump attempted to portray himself as a historic president by meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. And while it’s true that no US president has ever met with a North Korean  leader face-to-face, Trump could only portray the talks in a positive light for so long before it came back to blow up in his face.

Government officials from China have spoken out–and it seems like the big winner from the meeting is not the US or North Korea. Instead it is China.

Josh Rogin at the Washington Post wrote that “in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s wildest dreams, he could not have envisioned a better outcome of President Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – at least as it concerns Beijing’s interests.”

For context, during their meeting last night, Trump and Kim signed an agreement in which North Korea agreed to fully denuclearize and the US agreed to cease all military drills in the nation. However, the claims of denuclearization were incredible general and there was no specific language as to how that would happen. There was also no mention of a mechanism by which the US can verify that the North Koreans–notorious for lying in “diplomatic” talks–will stick by their word.

Rogin aptly pointed out, “After one day of meetings, Trump agreed to halt U.S.-South Korea military exercises, doing exactly what the Chinese government proposed ahead of the summit. Trump publicly stated he wants to remove all U.S. troops from South Korea, which would be a huge strategic windfall for China. Trump acknowledged that China is busting sanctions on North Korea, but indicated there’s nothing he can do about it.”

Not to mention, Trump also legitimized the North Korean regime, which is notorious for keeping hundreds of thousands of its own people in slave labor camps. The conditions in the country are horrendous, and its own people are regularly starved and worked to death. Many people live in the slave camps their entire lives.

Theresa Fallon, director of the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies, echoed Rogin’s theory. She said, “Trump loves to characterize things as winners and losers, and Xi Jinping appears to be the biggest winner of all after the historic Trump-Kim summit.”

Just a few short months ago, relations between North Korea and China were strained. But the nations have patched things up, and Kim getting agreement from the US to cease military drills is just the cherry on top.

Donald Trump, in an effort to make himself appear powerful, just put the United States at risk and strengthened China incredibly.

It is terrifying to think about what will happen over the next 5-10 years, as China becomes exponentially more powerful–both militarily and economically.