Ivanka Trump Gets BAD News – The Party’s Over


Since the beginning of the Trump presidency, his children have played key advisor roles while still making significant money from their name-brand businesses. Ivanka Trump designs handbags, shoes, and clothing which are sold at various stores.

So far, the First Daughter’s plan has been working out great–until now.

It seems that mega shoe retailer DSW is going to be dropping Ivanka Trump’s shoe line, due to how complicit she has been in her father’s anti-woman, anti-immigrant agenda which does not align with the company or its values.

A vendor specialist wrote in an email to the news site Racked, “The last order placed for this brand was early 2017 and there are no future orders placed, so yes, no longer carrying the line.”

The move by DSW comes over a year after the #GrabYourWallet campaign was launched, which tracked which retailers continue to stock Trump products. #GrabYourWallet was launched after the release of the infamous 2005 Hollywood access tape. Back in January 2017, DSW carried nearly 70 pairs of Ivanka Trump shoes; today, the website is down to two shoe styles, both of which have been discounted.

Ivanka Trump has tried to distance herself from her brand–at least from an optics perspective. But so far, it hasn’t worked very well. Most Americans are well-aware that she and Jared still profit off her brand and its products. In 2017 alone, she personally made $6 million off her brand according to the New York Times.

Ivanka has tried to portray herself as a fighter for women and mothers. She consistently paints herself as being somebody who is pro-women. But in reality, she has stood by her father while he made comments and implemented policies that were the antithesis of all of those things.

Ivanka Trump is a fraud, and American women know it. That’s why her brand is tanking, and retailers including DSW are dropping her products. The power of the purse is strong, and Ivanka is getting a taste of that right now.