Ivanka Trump Hit With Devastating Blow


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has made it abundantly clear that neither he, nor anyone on his team, will do anything to “bolster” the image of the spoiled princess, Ivanka Trump, as a foreign diplomat. Not one State Department official will accompany her during her India trip.

Ivanka is travelling to India to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad. This year’s event is themed “Women First, Prosperity for All.” Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Barack Obama have attended this high profile annual event in the past, but this year Ivanka has to do it without any help from the State Department.

Tillerson is concerned that both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have taken over several international meetings lately, where, according to CNN, he feels as the top U.S. diplomat it should be his job.

“Rex doesn’t like the fact that he’s supposed to be our nation’s top diplomat, and Jared and now Ivanka have stepped all over Rex Tillerson for a long time. So now, he’s not sending senior people from the State Department to support this issue. He’s not supporting Ivanka Trump,” a top official told the network.

Tillerson, a former top executive with Exxon Mobil, has had a strained relationship with President Donald Trump. Earlier this summer, rumors ran a muck about Tillerson quitting because of Trump, and his opinion of the President leaked to the media.

“I have never considered leaving this post,” he said. He declined, however, to deny reports that he referred to Mr Trump as a “f***ing moron”. He said: “I’m not going to deal with petty stuff like that.”

It was at that same time that Ivanka started sitting in for her father at several G20 summit sessions with world leaders.


State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told CNN: “The Department is committed to supporting women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, and the summit is a prime opportunity to showcase the importance of these themes.”