Meghan Markle Just Showed Trump Who’s BOSS During First Month as a Royal


Everyone knows that President Donald J. Trump is an attention hog. The former reality star is reportedly obsessed with watching cable TV all day, to see what the nation’s leading pundits–especially on Fox News–have to say about his administration.

During her first week as an English royal, American actress Meghan Markle (the new wife of Prince Harry) just embarrassed Trump in the best way possible.

New data reveals that in the days following the royal wedding, more Americans were searching for Meghan Markel online than Donald Trump. Just to underline this point: More Americans were interested in Markle than in the president of the United States.

And making the situation even more hilarious is that Markle and Prince Harry didn’t even invite the Trumps to their wedding. It was a major snub, since US presidents are almost always invited to royal weddings. The decision came after Markle publicly bashed Trump several times, calling him a “misogynist.”

Markle has shown herself to be fearless when it comes to the Trumps. She has made it clear that she will not let herself be bullied by the American First Family and that she will stay true to her views no matter what.

And this is clearly paying off–polls show that the new royal is already more popular in America than Donald Trump is!

Royals are reportedly not supposed to talk about politics, as to not polarize the public. But given how unconventional Markle has been up to this point, it’s unclear if she will stick to those rules. We hope she continues speaking her mind!