Outrage After Melania Trump Seen Wearing THIS in Public…


Hot off her fashion mistake of a few days ago, when she wore a dress that was more of a costume than a gown to a state dinner with the Chinese president and his wife, Melania Trump stated, without words, just how selfish she was by donning a $2,700 down coat on a trip to Alaska.

While over 25,000 Alaskan families are considered poor, according to an article on the National Center for Children in Poverty website, Melania Trump felt just fine wearing a $2,700 Ralph Lauren down coat to visit those children during a recent trip to Alaska. The Food Bank of Alaska website emphasizes that nearly 103,000 Alaskans, that’s 1 out of every 7, struggle with hunger. What a lot of food that $2,700 could have bought for these hungry people whom Melania and her self-serving husband, our President, are supposed to be committed to helping.

Melania, along with her (hopefully) soon-to-be indicted step son-in-law, Jared Kushner, arrived in Alaska on Friday morning at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. They were there for a jet refueling stop, on their way back to Washington D.C. from Beijing, China, which happened to coincide with a military celebration.

Melania barely spent any time with the children, as she sat with them for less than an hour, apparently more for a photo op than to accomplish anything of consequence. The event she attended was a meant to celebrate celebrate families of active-duty service members. Melania sat with the children and pretended to be interested in the arts, crafts, stories and games they were playing. Kushner came by to see the children, too, though he hardly stayed any time.

As is often the case, many of those in attendance were impressed by the First Lady, though it must have been due to her high social status, as it could not have been because of her benevolence. An article on Alaska Dispatch News quoted one parent who attended the event as describing the First Lady as, “delightful” and “humble.” Really? Seems like, if she were so wonderful she would have donned a more reasonably priced garment and donated the extra $2,600 she’d have saved to one of the thousands of children whose families have a hard time buying food, much less clothing.