Outrage: Melania Trump Leaves America Speechless on 4th of July Week


It’s Independence Day week–a good time to reflect on what the American dream really means and what our values are as a nation. But our president and his wife are clearly clueless about both, as they proved on Wednesday.

First Lady Melania Trump has proven time and time again that she is completely out-of-touch with everyday Americans. She showed that again on the Fourth of July with her unbelievable outfit choice.

At a White House Independence Day picnic for US armed service members on Wednesday, Melania raised eyebrows with her ultra-expensive outfit. She wore a Ralph Lauren “Rivera” gingham dress with a crimson red leather belt by Alexander McQueen. She accessorized with a pair of matching red Christian Louboutin pointed flats.

The price tag for the outfit was unbelievable. The dress alone costs $2,790. The belt alone costs $537. The shoes add another $800 to the total price tag.

The First Lady has apparently not learned any lessons since she stepped out in an ill-advised “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” jacket several weeks ago, during a trip to meet migrant children separated from their parents. The ultra-expensive outfit choice shows that Melania is completely out of touch with normal Americans who can barely afford to put food on the table–let alone expensive clothing.

Melania’s husband has been the most racist and misogynistic president president in recent United States history–or maybe ever in our nation’s history.

Mrs. Trump has a unique opportunity to take a stand against her husband, and be a true advocate for woman and families. But instead, she has remained silent in the face of her husband’s divisive policies and rhetoric. Her silence only makes her complicit–and the same can be said for First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who has tirelessly tried to brand herself as being an advocate for women.

During dark times like these, it makes us appreciate how much dignity the Obamas had. Michelle Obama was a strong, independent women for young girls to look up to. She didn’t rely on expensive clothing or plastic surgery to signal her power; instead she relied on her own brains, ideas, and intelligence.

The Obamas are sorely missed. Our country desperately needs leadership.