Trump Makes DESPICABLE Announcement About 11-Yr-Old Son Barron


President Donald Trump’s son, Barron Trump, is all the talk on Twitter today. Trump, and his whole family in fact, have made a big deal about leaving their children out of the media, however he is the one who put young Barron on Twitter.

If anyone else dared to mention Trump’s son’s name, there would be war declared on social media immediately. Trump has proven in the past that he doesn’t care what anyone has to say about Barron, whether an entertainer or political figure, as long as it is “nice.”

The President managed to turn young Barron’s Boy Scouts of America Jamboree into a sickening ego bolstering event. It is obvious that Trump doesn’t care who he uses, including young boys trying to better themselves.

Trump has stated he is a “modern day president,” however he made it very clear his youngest child was off limits. The White House put a call out to American citizens, in just the first week of his term in office, to honor Barron’s privacy. Chelsea Clinton, a true Democrat, agreed that Trump’s young son should be left out of the public frenzy that encircles the First Family. Chelsea suffered a great deal because of the lack of seclusion she was forced to endure as the former First Daughter.

Trump sounds absolutely ridiculous asserting that investigators would even consider young Barron Trump in any part of the Russia collusion. Barron was not the one who met with a Russian government lawyer looking for help with the Trump campaign, Jared Kushner did. Barron didn’t “forget” to include anything on the security clearance forms because he didn’t have to fill one out. Jarred Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump did.

Trump continues to sink to new levels and is now using young Barron in his disgusting political games.