Trump Makes Horrifying Announcement About Michelle Obama


To no surprise, the Trump administration is destroying Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative, bringing back too much salt, sweets, and reducing whole-grains.

According to the Let’s Move! website, in 2012, a critical step on the road to deliver healthier food to our nation’s school children was accomplished, when the U.S. Department of Agriculture released new rules that boosted the nutritional quality of the meals eaten by school children every day. The rules represented the first major revision of school meal standards in more than 15 years and made sure our kids’ lunches and breakfasts had more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and less fat and sodium and set sensible calorie limits based on the age of children being served.


The HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC) established rigorous standards for schools’ food quality, participation in meal programs, physical activity opportunities, and nutrition education. This nationwide program spurred schools that meet these standards all across the country to transform their environments into places where healthy eating and physical activity is experienced and learned. Schools that were doing the very best work to keep kids healthy were recognized and even receive monetary incentives.

President Trump and his lackeys intend on ending all of that. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue claims that they would not be “reducing the nutritional standards whatsoever.” Perdue also said, “I wouldn’t be as big as I am today without flavored mild,” like this is a good thing?

Overweight Sonny Perdue

For many school children the breakfast and lunch they receive at school may be the only food they eat all day. Loading them up with sugar and salt is doing a major disservice to them. They need the nutrition to grow and learn…it’s a basic concept that is lost on Trump.

“As parents, we try to prepare decent meals, limit how much junk food our kids eat and ensure that they have a reasonable balanced diet,” Michelle Obama said in a statement. “And when we are putting in all that effort the last thing we want is for our hard work to be undone each day in the school cafeteria.”