UNBELIEVABLE: Ivanka Trump Just Humiliated Herself in Front of Entire World


Ivanka Trump attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India, and was instantly accused of cultural appropriation. Apparently, Ivanka attempted to wear various Oriental-style gowns while speaking to the Indian people as well as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Ivanka Trump with Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi

Many critics in India called her outfit choices as a “superficial assimilation” of their culture, and most pointed out the gowns she wore were too pricey.


The First Daughter is referred as a “botoxed American Barbie” by The Daily O, and was criticized for trying to rip off designer Rahul Mishra. Ivanka received backlash similar to this when she dressed inappropriately during a trip to Japan.

When it was announced that Ivanka would be representing the U.S. at the summit, an Indian diplomat likened Ivanka Trump to a “half wit” Saudi prince.

Ivanka is still working hard to cement her position at the White House in, whatever that is supposed to be. As the Trump administration is growing weary of her interruptions and taking over foreign diplomacy, Ivanka continues to plow ahead.

Social media weighed in on Ivanka’s poor choices: