White House Stuns Nation With Melania Trump Announcement


It’s been 26 days since Melania Trump was last seen in public, and the White House has just made an announcement indicating that we won’t be seeing the First Lady again anytime soon.

The U.K. Independent reported that it has been announced that Melania will not accompany her husband to the upcoming G7 or Singapore summits, a move that experts have described as unusual for a First Lady. Jean Harris, a professor of political science and women’s studies at Scranton  University, was particularly surprised that Melania would not be attending the G7 summit, which she attended last year.

“Every first lady approaches the job differently, although there are certain expectations,” Ms Harris explained “…With Melania, we have seen her typically travel with her husband internationally, and she’s been more active in public when she travelled internationally.”

Melania has not been seen since she spent five days in the hospital last month for surgery to address what her office described as a “benign kidney condition.” Though this kind of operation typically requires just one night of hospitalization, Melania raised eyebrows by staying in the hospital for nearly a week. This plus her lengthy absence since has led many to spread various conspiracy theories about what she could be doing.

“The fact that there does not appear to be any logical reason for why she’s not going [to the summits] is likely to fuel our suspicions that the Trump marriage is distant and or dysfunctional,” said Stacy Cordery, a history professor at Iowa State University. “There’s so little information coming from Ms Trump’s media team that Americans – and really, people around the world – are forced to fill in the blanks.”

Melania herself broke her silence on Twitter last week to say that she is “feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!”

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